Friday, 8 August 2008

It begins!

Last night it started. About 1 in the morning. Some experimentation and a lack of self-control led me to start work on the first scene. A few hours later, with some research and some new ideas firmly planted in my head I had a result...but things are already taking shape. Animating in Flash is very different from animating 'normally' with paper and thus there may be several revisions that need making. I can't frame-by-frame the entire thing, I'm only one sad human being - not fifteen. That said, I am doubling my efforts. I will be posting more about different techniques I'm using and how I'm going to get around things - but those posts might not be readable until I have finished the cartoon, so that I don't spoil it for you. But as a treat I'll leave you with a screeny from the scene I did last night before I begin work on the next shot.

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