Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Introducing: Jnr

Jnr (Short for Junior, as you probably already knew) is a huge lump of happy. He takes up at least 3 fillings of the worlds happy count a day. He is like a 3 year old child who just downed 80 tubes of Smarties (When Smarties were cool and still had E numbers). He is excitable and fun - but he is also massive and Frank is quite small - so this combination can often end up putting Frank in danger.

Oops! Here I am talking about him and you haven't even met Jnr yet! Here he is. Say hello!

Jnr's life started off even stranger than, Franks. Frank needed a sidekick - some fun to counter his 'boring', if you will. Thus, I began drawing many exotic looking, deranged characters - many of which will never ever be posted here. And I made this extremely strange drawing next to Frank one day:

From this drawing and several others that are just too light to see on the intranets - Jnr was born. And so was his personality.

I knew I wanted him to be cooky and insane - but I didn't know exactly how over the top he would be until I finished drawing up the plot line. And now I can tell you he's pretty damn....happy! Lets use the word happy, its less offensive.

So. I guess all that is left to tell you know is exactly what I want Frank & Jnr to be and where it is heading. And I will do that in the next post, so click on.

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