Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Introducing: Frank

Now. You have only just joined the journey if you are reading this blog and you are thinking: Frank & Jnr. What the dickens is that all about? Well to answer your question I have made two posts - one all about Frank and the other all about Jnr.

Meet Frank:

Frank is quite a miserable character now, but he wasn't always this way. In fact when I first penned him, he was quite cooky and funny. See:

(Some of the images might be quite light due to my paper choice - but if you click them you can see fullscreen versions)

So what happened to, Frank? Well one day he just cracked:

But I think it was mostly due to the arrival of Jnr - who you can find about in my next post. Jnr snores really loud you see...and this made Frank loose a lot of sleep - until he ended up like this:

Jnr is also quite a playful fella. So it can get to Frank if he hasn't had much sleep.

But Jnr is Frank's responsibility - although, Frank can't for the life of him remember why.

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