Wednesday, 6 August 2008

In a nutshell.

So what exactly is Frank & Jnr and why am I going to put two months (Probably more - hopefully less) of my life into this cartoon?

Well primarily, its because I love animating, creating and drawing - but it is also because I am a student of the fine art known as animation and not only do I need to learn more about it by doing it, but I also need to create work to hand in to my university course. So, im starting my first project early, to get ahead of the game. "But why do you have to put it in a blog?", I hear you say? "Have you just got a big head?", I hear you cry knowingly.

No. Well, yes. But no. For my last few projects I found the easiest way to get a good level of work and manage to create an animated featurette was to make notes of my ideas and the work that I was doing as I went along. I did this in the form of a blog and I achieved my best mark of the year with a 42-page document, commenting on and recording everything I did towards my cartoon. It was a great way to make progress on my cartoon and put my full attention into making the piece, without having to worrying I was falling behind on the paper work. It also kept all the drawings, videos, research and other bits of work that I was doing 'behind the scenes' in one place, so my tutors and examiners could easily see how much effort was going into my work and how enthused I was to be spending 4 - 7 hours of my life A DAY making animated shorts.

Now that all that is out of the way I will tell you a little bit more about the cartoon. You have met both of the characters and now they must have a plot to play through. In my previous pieces, I always drew up a plot line and placed a character into it. This time around not only have the no. of characters doubled to 2, but I have developed them first so that I can explore situational comedy. This involves creating the characters and their personalities and trying to imagine how they would react in an over-the-top situation.

Now at this stage I don't want to give the whole plot line away. Otherwise you wouldn't bother sticking around and reading this blog anymore. So, instead I'm going to whet your appetites. The whole plot of Frank & Jnr, is written in this book:

(Yup, I'm a Spongebob Fan)

It is a 60 page document and it contains around 97% of the scenes that I will be doing the drawing, animating, directing, background design, voice overs, sound effects, music, editing and producing for.

Wanna have a peek inside?!


Ok. Go on then. But just a few pages!

This is without a doubt my most ambitious project yet, thus it is going to take a while to create and its going to be a challenge, with a huge learning curve. But I am excited and looking forward to putting the effort in to get the reward out. I have mainly started this blog to help me keep track of the work I am doing and have done, but also it is to encourage me to keep going. If I feel like I'm working for other people and their interest, then I will work harder.

So, if you wanna come along for the ride, you are more than welcome to leave comments with suggestions, critique, help, encouragement, questions or even just a friendly hello and they will not be ignored. If you just wanna look to keep informed until I release the cartoon. That is also just dandy. Any interest what-so-ever is not only welcome, it is appreciated :)

I will be updating this blog in the next few days as work begins.

'Begin at the beginning,' the King said gravely, 'and go on till you come to the end: then stop.' - Lewis Carroll

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