Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Frank & Jnr

About two months ago, I began to draw a character I liked to call, Frank. He started off quite tall, quite fun and full of life. But he has ended up short, moody and impatient. He is my dark side. The grumpy person you get out of me first thing on a morning - but he really is quite nice at heart. Frank is only a young drawing, but he has grown (Or rather he has shrunk down to his appropriate size) very quickly - and each time I set pen to paper, he becomes more distorted.

Frank lives with Jnr - A giant, looming tower of stupid that seems incapable of experiencing pain. He can be blown up, squashed or splattered, but he will feel nothing. He doesn't know it himself, but I know its because he is a cartoon. And cartoons cannot experience this phenomenon known as pain.

So whats do Frank & Jnr do? What are they? Who are they? Do they live in some sort of hole in the ground? Can they breath underwater? Are they into s&m? Well.... this blog is where you will find out all of the answers to your questions and keep up to date on the latest happenings as I spend the next few months bringing these two characters to life in a new story I have just finished draughting this very day.

Here. Right here on this very page, is where I will be posting pictures, news, rants and maybe even short clips of my new up-and-coming cartoon. Things will start small. But they will end big. And you can be here the whole way to watch the cartoon grow from embryo, to full finished animated short.

Exciting, isn't it?

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