Wednesday, 6 August 2008

First Digital Pic

I couldn't resist drawing them up digitally. Not even an hour after my last post - here you go. The first digital image of Frank & Jnr. This is a very early image remember, so a lot is probably gunna change.

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erinflood88 said...

Here is my "friendly hello"...

I like Jnr. He's well cute, I wanna eat him. Does he smoke? That might help him relax a bit when he's all mad and that. Or maybe you should tell him to smoke something a little more fruity? And then there is always rescue remedy if he wants to be a bit craazzzy. Maybe you should tell him to give me a call so we can discuss his options. Anyway, yeah I wanna eat him.

Looking forward to the animation : )

Erin x

p.s I even had to sign up to this there here blogger buisness to post this! What a palaver I tell thee.